Louisville has long been known for the Kentucky Derby, and maybe bourbon as well.  But it seems lately that the coffee scene has really been making a push, and there are a few notable Derby City espresso and coffee bars that deserve a little love and attention.

Right now, as I continue to learn more and more about coffee, and how to incorporate it into my daily life, without overdoing it, I find that I am leaning towards smaller local stores as opposed to a few of the large national chains that I’m sure everyone has heard of.

At the smaller local chains, I feel that I can spend a little bit more time asking questions and learning about the different kinds of roasts, or what different water temperatures might mean for the flavor of the coffee or even asking about whether or not adding cream and sugar is ok or does that defeat the purpose of buying a cup of coffee in the first place.

My first exposure to my new favorite coffee shop came after I happened upon a local store, across the street from the offices of a real estate agent I was meeting.  He had let me know that he was turning into an espresso fan himself, and frequented this particular location, so he thought it would be a great place to meet.